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Five points of earth wind and the Black Forest Fire

Denver inner city mission- From the start at Martin Luther King Park in Park Hill it promised to be a special week in Denver. Praise and Worship began the week and a wiffle ball game broke out. lunch was served and an overview of projects; prayer and praise were discussed. 35 kids from all over the Rockies prepared to reach out to the people of Denver and they did utilizing all five points we ask for beginning with evangelism; talking and ministering to people considered by our culture to be the 'least of these.' Love was served and there will be some great follow up as well.

summer mission Denver
BT.Bixler 2013

Tuesday- Black Forest Fire. In Denver's Elryia/Swansea neighborhood many of the missionaries began preparing to canvas the neighborhoods while a call at 1:30 consumed some of the team. A fire in Black Forest back home in Colorado Springs had us glued to a television set. The news would get worse before it got better and the prayers of the leaders would change several times in the midst of the outreach to this city.

Wednesday- The media and culture column was skipped by the examiner mainly due to becoming very close to the Black Forest Fire story. "We were called home since our neighborhood was being evacuated and we met the rest of our family at a laundromat on the other side of Colorado Springs." Before the fire got out of hand the leaders led a prayer walk with praise and worship around the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Denver from Emerson to Broadway, Planned Parenthood to the State Capitol.

Thursday- Prayer Points- The prayer column was made to highlight the prayer and praise walk and can be read in it's entirety next Thursday. The prayer this week was for the firefighters and for the 480 people who lost their homes in Colorado Springs. The mission team prayed for the evacuees and mission team leaders.

Friday- During a communion service in City Park, the leaders led prayer for the people of Denver who are in the buildings of the skyline that looms over the missions teams. At the end of the service people embrace and then depart to Casper, Wyoming and points south. Friday on the Front Range is always about community building and the team was heading down to the Colorado Springs where decisions needed to be made. The National Guard and the Colorado Springs police still kept the Northgate residents from returning. Pictures, guitars and papers were in the back of the Subaru. The leader's wife, on the other hand, took the middle daughter down to orientation at John Brown University. With the evacuation the dog and the cat made the journey down to Siloam Springs, Arkansas. Community Building begins with families and strong marriages. At Mission Coffee Roasters, we hosted ABC News and on Good Morning America there was a story with a great couple, The Gardner's were interviewed, John and Terrie explained how last year they lost their home in the Mountain Shadows area. The house is almost rebuilt and they have been staying in Black Forest at Terrie's parents. Everything that they saved from Mountain Shadows was lost in Black Forest. Yet their faith in God; their commitment to the community and family of God is what they call the "most important thing." "My mission," says John, is to help people to see that "this is not the end of the world- not even close"


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