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Five places to find great leotards online

This is the time of year to go shopping
Photo by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

As fall approaches and dancers go back to rehearsals and full class schedules, it’s tempting to start shopping for your “back to school” dance clothes. Whether you are a student stuck to a dress code or an adult dancer or professional free to pick any color or style of leotard you want, there’s something about starting a new year with new dancewear that makes you instantly feel two inches taller and a lot more confident. But, where to look? Local dance store often have an interesting selection, but the colors and sizes in stock (as well as the brands they carry) are limited. So, online leotard shopping is a great option. Here are five sites to try (full disclosure: the author has an overflowing drawer of leotards, but was not paid or compensated for any of these reviews).
Discount Dance Supply
This is a great place to look if you need a basic leotard, or if you want to experiment with a trendier look for a reasonable price. They also carry more upscale brands like Wear Moi if you are willing to spend up a bit to get them. Those tend to run in the $40-60 range.
Eleve Dancewear
One of the trendiest of the new crop of “designer” leotards, Eleve lets you choose fabrics and patterns for any of their styles. Go bold with wild prints or keep it classic with solids. Either way, prepare for some sticker shock.
Yumiko Dancewear
The original ultra cool leotard brand is still going strong. Even thought the cutout backs and contrast trim that once defined the company have been copied endlessly, no one beats the originals. Look for sporty new styles.
Dancewear Solutions
This is a good place to look for leotards for competition teams. Their selection tends more toward bright colors and more contemporary styles. Sign up for the newsletter to keep up with sales.
Gaynor Minden
While they are known for their pointe shoes, Gaynor Minden also has a leotard line. You can look for basics or for more sophisticated picks. Their lace trimmed ones are especially chic.

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