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Five people you should follow on Twitter

Twitter can be a great pickup to your day if you follow the right people.

Twitter is instant information. Imagine being plugged into the thoughts of people you admired or sources you respected the moment th that they have an important or interesting thought. Sure, it doesn't always happen that way, but it's an ideal to strive toward.

For me, I only follow people who I feel contribute something positive to me, and those are the only people I want to follow me. I realize that I'm missing out on some of the potential to disseminate a greater level of information by amassing a greater list, but I prefer an organic list. It's a personal choice.

That said, I do believe that there are five essential types of people that make Twitter a completely positive upgrade in anyone's life. Even if you don't use Twitter for any other reason, this will be a positive improvement in your life. They are as follows:

1. A Comedian: Know your sense of humor. For instance, in my quest to receive gut-busting tweets, I sought out my favorite comedian, Brian Regan. Unfortunately, he has zero updates on his Twitter profile (amazingly, he has over a thousand followers without posting a single tweet). You can get an idea for the kind of jokes you'll get by visiting any of their profiles and seeing their updates. I've actually gotten my fix from Mark Titus and Club Trillion. Not a professional mind you, but hilarious with his tweets.

2. A News Source: This is tough because you could break your news down into whatever individual topic you want, but I still think there is a lot of value to keeping your societal knowledge keen with a traditional, reputable outlet, depending on your bias. I go with Fox News Radio because I'm a racist and sexist white male. But BBC World News gives a lot of links to a more global outlet, so I like them too.

3: A Hobbyist: This one is harder to find depending on who you are. For example, I'm a sports fan. Maybe I'm a big enough fan to follow Bill Simmons (has a huge scope of all things sports), or maybe I'm specific down to following Chiefs linebacker Derrick Johnson (basically about him and the Chiefs). For you, maybe you're a dog-lover or you could read comic books 24/7. It's out there.

4. A Friend: By now you probably have at least one close friend who uses Twitter. Twitter really does do what it says it does. One of the first rips you hear is that people say, "I don't care if you're enjoying a bagel right now." When it's someone you care about, it turns out that you do care. Watch how much closer you feel to this friend by being plugged into their life this way.

5: A Stretch: This is the most flexible and hardest to pin down. Start following someone who has a hand in something you've always thought was kind of cool but never really got into. The right person and topic can enhance your life with what will hopefully be a passionate enthusiasm about what they do. It could be travel, music, art, architecture, sports, cartoons,..whatever.

Like I said, even if you don't like using Twitter in any other way, Give this a shot, and I'll bet you feel differently. Oh, and if you like this kind of thing, or maybe you want to make it your number five, you can always follow me!