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Five of the scariest cars of all time

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Over the decades there have been some pretty creepy cars, some so frightening that just a glance in their direction made the hairs on your body stand on end. Take a trip down spooky memory lane to revisit some of the most scariest cars ever. Happy Halloween!

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1) The Model T "Munster's" Koach--The spooky hearse-like mobile was driven by one of America's most beloved TV families at the time, "The Munsters." The vehicle appeared on the show which aired from 1964 to 1966. It was built by George Barris and was constructed from 3 Model T bodies with a frame, brass radiator and fenders that were made by hand. The cost of the Koach came to a whopping $18,000 which was quite a bit of money at the time. The car which had a four speed manual tranny and was powered by a 289 Ford Cobra engine from a 1966 Mustang GT was completed in a mere 21 days as mandated by the studio.

2) "Christine's" Plymouth Fury, Belvedere, Savoy--The 1983 Stephen King horror movie featured a demonic car possessed by the evil spirit of a previous owner. Even though the film touted the vehicle as being a 1958 Fury, two other models also from the Plymouth line, the '57 Belvedere and Savoy, were also used to portray the malevolent automobile onscreen. Several vehicles were destroyed during filming, but most of the cars were Savoy and Belvedere models dressed to look like the Fury because it was so expensive to purchase at the time.

3) "Ghostbusters" Cadillac Ecto-1:The hideous looking stretch ambulance/hearse which was used to travel throughout New York City in search of ghosts for the 1984 supernatural comedy film was a 1959 Cadillac Fleetwood. The used vehicle which was put together by the Miller-Meteor company cost $4,800 to patch. The Caddie was so riddled with problems that it died on the Brooklyn Bridge during the first Ghostbusters franchise. The movie company was fined by New York's finest because there were no breakdown lanes on the bridge and besides, the Ecto-1 blocked traffic.

4) "Cujo's" Ford Pinto--Who could ever forget that horrifying 1983 Stephen King film of a man-eating, rabies-infected St. Bernard, who terrorized a young mother and son, as they took refuge from him in a hot 1977 Ford Pinto. The protagonists are trapped inside the Pinto because of a failed alternator, so they could not escape the 200 pound hulking beast, is it any wonder why the Pinto was once deemed one of the 'Worst Cars Of All Time!'

5) The Green Hornet's Chrysler Imperial Crown--Black and sinister, the popular 1966 TV drama, "The Green Hornet" featured a 1966 Chrysler Imperial Crown car that could send a shiver down your spine. Aptly nicknamed, the Black Beauty, the sedan was customized by Dean Jeffries at a cost of $50,000, part of which went toward the car's paint job: 30 coats of metal flake, pure black green pearl of essence lacquer hand-rubbed to a high gloss. The Black Beauty was chockfull of weapons like flame-throwers, missiles and door guns but the coolest feature by far was its flip-down infra-green" headlights.

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