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Five 'new' finishers that will amaze in 'WWE 2K15'

The XBox One and PlayStation 4 versions of "WWE 2K15" are set to be a graphical showcase, but it's not the signature and finishing maneuvers everyone has seen before on other consoles that have the ability to make the game extra fun. Sure, it's hard to deny the visual appeal of legendary moves the likes of The Rock Bottom and The Attitude Adjustment, but here are five moves that everyone will be talking about in "WWE 2K15."

Five 'new' finishers that will amaze in 'WWE 2K15'-slide0
2K Games
Five 'new' finishers that will amaze in 'WWE 2K15'
2K Sports

Adam Rose's Party Foul: Sure, he likes to have fun, but his two-handed version of the Dirty Deeds is a more than solid finisher.

Paige's Page Turner and PTO: OK, although this is plain old heel tactics here naming two moves, there's a good reason. Paige's Page Turner is a nifty move that even the dudes will want to use on their Create-a-Wrestlers. The same thing goes for the Paige Tap Out, arguably the most innovative and devastating new submission holds in the WWE today.

Xavier Woods' Honor Roll and Running Downward Spiral: Since the referee wasn't looking on the last one, here are two more. Woods' flipping Lariat is a great showing of his versatility, while the Running Downward Spiral is plain nasty. Having both of these maneuvers in the game would give the young Woods more than enough versatility and would make him fun as hell to play with.

Naomi Knight's Reverse DDT: Mist of the Divas in WWE not named Paige or AJ Lee are pushovers, but Knight don't play games either. Her stiff, Slapping Reverse DDT would give the Divas division in the game much more move fidelity. Plus, like Knight, it's just great-looking.

Sting's Scorpion Death Drop: It's scary that this move is almost 20 years old, but many WWE fans have never seen it by its innovator. This was a move that captivated millions if kids in the late '90s. A maneuver that was rarely kicked out of. Over the years, the WWE has put versions of it in they games and fans have done their best to make their own version, but it's not the same. Having the authentic version in "WWE 2K15" would be a huge accomplishment all by itself.

“WWE 2K15” is set for a October 28 release in North America and will ship on October 31 internationally.

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