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Five Moves to Get you to be the Best Runner Ever

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Laura Tarbell

Not to state the obvious but running is one of the greatest things that you can do for your body. It not only a good way to get into shape and stay that way but recently Brooks Running Company conducted a survey that found that 71% of men and women believe that running together as a couple influences their sex lives. Even more interesting the study reported that 75% of guys and 68% of gals had increased bedroom time.

Here Laura Tarbell, certified Pilates instructor and creator of the Pilates for Runners DVD creates the perfect runner’s workout to get and keep you moving inside and outside the boudoir.

The Hundred
Start by lying on your back with the spine in imprint (or a completely flat) position, keeping both legs bent in the air and toes pointed. With the arms long at your sides, lengthen your head and neck off the floor and contract the abdominals to slide the rib cage toward the pelvis. Exhale as you extend the legs as low as you can while keeping your back flat. Begin pumping the arms up and down about 6 inches. Inhale in for 5 pumps and then exhale for 5 pumps. Complete 10 rounds, or 100 pumps.
Beginner: If you lose imprint or have tight hip flexors, bend the knees so they remain in table top position.

While lying on your back with the spine in imprint (or a completely flat) position, keep both legs bent in the air and toes pointed. Flex the upper body off the mat and place your hands behind your head for support, do not pull on your neck. Exhale as you extend the right leg and twist the upper body left. Inhale and return to starting position. Exhale and repeat on the other side. Do ten reps per side.
Beginner: Omit the leg extension.

The Saw
Sit upright with the rib cage centered over the pelvis, straighten your legs, place them slightly wider than shoulder-width apart and flex the feet. Then, extend your arms out to the side, palms forward. Inhale and rotate the upper body to the right, while keeping the pelvis and legs in place. Exhale while flexing forward, starting from the top of the head and rolling downward. Reach the left arm toward your baby toe and flip the right hand thumbs down as it reaches backward. Inhale to roll sequentially up and return the arms to an outstretched position, both thumbs up. Exhale to rotate the spine to face forward. Do five repetitions per side.
Beginner: Elevate your pelvis on a mat or cushion in order to properly center the rib cage over the pelvis.

Side Lying Leg Lift
Start by lying on your right side with both legs long and head resting on the right arm. Place the left hand on the left thigh. With both toes pointed, exhale to lift the left leg just higher than the hip. Inhale and return to start position. Complete ten reps with the left leg flip over and complete ten with the right leg.
Beginner: Place the left palm on the floor for added support and balance.

One Leg Circle
Begin by lying on your back with the right leg vertical and the left leg lengthened on the floor. Keep your spine in a neutral position. Inhale and bring the right leg across the body and down, exhale and reach the right leg out and up, returning it to vertical. After 5 circles in this direction do five circles in the opposite direction. Repeat with the left leg.

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