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Five Minute Project under Five Bucks: LP Clock

LP clock made in minutes
LP clock made in minutes
Chris Tice

Cruising through Goodwill the other day I happened upon a used clock and some old LPs. Now I had seen CD clocks online and I thought the idea was a little tacky but seeing those old LPs with their 70’s styles and psychedelic colors I thought to myself, Oh yeah! Let’s take tacky to another level babe!

Taking the clock apart I found that the hands were reversible with white coloring on the back. This saved time painting the hands because the original black hands would be too dark. But that saved time was eaten up when I realized that the frame itself contained the hanging and support hardware to attach it to the wall. Crap! Using tin snips I cut out the elements of the frame which created a nice flat surface against the wall but still kept the frame hidden behind the record. No sweat!

I had to widen the center hole for the record with my drill but by being careful the label was unaffected. Easy-peasy. Now I was ready to mount the record. I aligned my label with the twelve o’clock position but you don’t have to really, the offset might be kinda cool.

The original sleeve was in pretty good shape and I didn’t want to toss it, especially since the record by itself looked lonely on the wall, but the weight of the sleeve would upset the balance of the clock. Using the nail I was going to hang it with I tacked the sleeves together to add a colorful background for the clock. I had to tack another nail to keep the sleeves from slip-sliding away and then I hung the clock. Bam! Done in minutes!

I stood appreciating the art I had just finished as my wife came up beside me and said, “Nice… But it isn’t staying there right?” Women!

For more project ideas visit my site DIY by Tice. Thanks.

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