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Five Los Angeles Beauty Trends to Look Forward to For Spring

Fashion week in New York is on and fashionistas are looking to see what the take away trends are for spring.Here are some of the best makeup trends for spring 2014.

Beauty Trends 2014
Beauty Trends 2014
Photo by Mireya Acierto/Getty Images

The Eyes Have it.

One of the beauty trends is eyeliner. Spring is time to lighten up. Let’s do sans eyeliner on the top and redirect it on the bottom. This look gives a sulky bedroom eye look yet lighter and appealing in a different way to get noticed. For spring try a sweep of light grey or dusky blue liner for definition. Top the eyelashes with black lengthening mascara to complete the look. Lighten up for day with soft grey liner instead of black and top it with a cobalt blue liner in evening for a bright dramatic effect.White eye shadow is hot for spring and looks great with white outfits.

New Hairstyle to change your look.

After a long winter and warmer weather upon us we want to stay cool and light. Lighten up with what even celebrities are changing to know as “The Bob”. A slick way to wear the new bob is to shorten the back and keep a longer strip of hair just passed the chin for dramatic appeal and length parted on the side. You show more skin and neck with a bob cut so be sure to get some sheer printed scarves to dress up your look and if scarves are not your thing, strong chunky necklaces are great for evening and silver strands of chains perfect the look for day. Hair trends are loose and feathery and pulled back away from the face from Fashion Week 2014 New York. A perfect look for Los Angeles Spring style. Soft ornaments are also in and worn with a tousled up-do. Getting highlights is also recommended so your hair has brightness and more depth and texture against the sun.

Your skin needs to show.

Drop the powder and heavy foundation and stay natural with a soft dewy look and a bit of blush. If you can’t skip foundation, then opt for a sheer foundation or use your regular one and dilute with lots of moisturizer in your palm. Go bold blush at night such as Mac Cosmetics powder Dolly Blush and for Fleur or desert rose for daytime. If you have a casual night out and want a natural look for evening, use a day blush and sweep over a soft metallic like Mac Cosmetics transparent pink.

Polish Your Nails to brighten your hands.

Get playful this spring with a shot of color. Soft hot pink, nude and glossy, medium greens and limes are sure to go well with floral prints if you use this color on the tips aka colored French manicure with a pink base. If you are in a warm climate and are working on your tan, these contrasting brighter colors will bring out that golden tan glow. Get creative and try a colored French style manicure by using lime green and a soft pink instead of white at the tips or a bold fuchsia pink for evening.Soft vanilla metallic is also a hot trend.

Your Lips will pop a spring pouch.

Glossy lacquered pink lips look great for spring evenings. Fuschia with a dab of sparkle will look great with warmer toned skin and late sunsets instead of red. Lipsticks to try are Mac Cosmetics Plusglass. It is sheer and soft for spring and can be worn over brighter more dense lipsticks to soften the look. No reason to throw old your old pinks from winter, just gloss over and it instantly gives you a spring look. Go bolder with lipstick and gloss all in one with Mac Cosmetics Sheen Supreme Lipstick combining gloss and lipstick together in one tube. For an evening bold look at glitter to the top rim of your lip only.If you are bold experiment with orange lips. If that is too bold, try a sheer orange gloss.

Make sure to always change your color pallet with your spring wardrobe as well as your makeup and hair. Lighter makeup really enhances the overall fashion look of lighter colors, flowy skirts and dresses. Keeping the color tones together will make you look more pulled together and youthful.

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