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Five LA wine bars for summer

Pleasant and naturally luxurious Monsieur Marcel: good food and fine wines.
Pleasant and naturally luxurious Monsieur Marcel: good food and fine wines.

It’s summertime and whether or not the livin’ is easy, everyone seems to be looking for an escape whether it’s from the office, the family or the heat. In the greater Los Angeles area this means soaring temperatures and a glut of tourists greet a person at every turn. Fortunately, the region affords many escape plans for the wine lover. The following locations are good whether you seek to cool off in a patio or need a diversion from visiting family intent on seeing the sights.

Bodega Bar - a promising watering hole for warm evenings.
Flor San Roman

Bodega Bar is a simple and cool place to unwind after work or to break the ice on a date. Have some finger food and a glass of the house label red and let the cult movie playing on one wall stir some nostalgia. Pasadena can get pretty hot during the day but the patio seating should be inviting by evening. Alternatively, visit the Santa Monica location.

 Pourtal is situated perhaps a couple thousand yards from the ocean, roughly a five minute walk from the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica. If location is important for your wine destination, Pourtal is a double threat for cool ocean breezes and proximity to shopping and touring spots. With winemaker evenings and Wine Woof Wednesdays (dogs welcome - free dog walking) Pourtal may be a triple threat without evening discussing its amazing array of wines available by the taste.

Monsieur Marcel is a bit of a pricey affair and focused more on meals. However, the amiable environs, considerable choices of other food in the immediate vicinity, not to mention shopping at The Grove, make it a fine place for a relaxing glass of wine in outdoor seating before carrying on with your day.

The Wine Bar at Hollywood & Highland Living in a paradise like Southern California is certainly a blessing, but often at the cost of being local tour guides when family and friends come a-calling. Hollywood is, of course, a major tourist destination and the Hollywood and Highland Center was built to take advantage of just that. If you find your eyes glazing over the plethora of brand name clothiers arrange for a break at The Wine Bar. Entice your guests with its location next to the Kodak Theatre.

The Wine Cellar at the Anaheim Disney Resort The Disney theme parks are naturally a huge attraction, particularly during the summer. If you find yourself escorting guests to Disneyland or even head out for a Happiest(tm) day of your own you might be assuming that alcohol is not only hard to find but very pricey. But take heart in the knowledge that smack in the middle of the Disneyland Hotel grounds is the excellent secret known as The Wine Cellar. Send a responsible (non-drinking) adult along with tykes to secure a table at Hook’s Pointe and take a load off in the comfy seating down below with a fine meritage.


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