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Five keys to a successful relationship: Part IV Financial Acumen

lightbulb on top of one dollar bills.
lightbulb on top of one dollar bills.
photo by Salvatore Vuono

Financial acumen is probably one of the most important keys to a successful relationship. Back in the day, men were the primary bread winners and the women took care of the home. The man had one job and the couple was dependent on this job for their finances. Our parents’ generation was quite similar; however, instead of just being stay at home moms, some women had a job that brought in a small portion of money.

Our generation is way different. Men or women have the potential to bring home the bacon, but you won’t just have one job for you’re entire life that you will retire from. Generation Y will bounce from jobs until they find career bliss and probably have a few side gigs as well. What’s my point? Money doesn’t go as far as it used to and with the economy being is such a state, knowing the importance of a dollar can make or break a relationship.

A lot of women don’t understand how much pressure men have on them to be, “the man.” What I mean by this is that men are expected to have a good job with a great title and bring in money. Not only that but they’re expected to pick up all the tabs when they date women, remember anniversaries, buy gifts for special occasions and etc. Getting overwhelmed yet? It’s not easy financially to be a man in today’s world, which is why finding a woman who knows and understands how to manage money is essential.

Money doesn’t grow on trees and a pretty face can’t contribute to a household. Woman of today should know how to balance a checkbook, pay bills, save and take care of a home. You can’t just live life spending and living pay check to pay check. Some believe money can buy happiness but it can also instill hate. It can ruin relationships and it can also bring people closer together.

Go on a date to Taco Mac in midtown Atlanta and instead of your date paying, you foot the bill. Let your date order whatever they want, just like you would expect of him. The only way to understand the importance of money is to have to part with it. And when the date is done, you will see what men struggle with every day when it comes to dating and money.