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Five ideas for your vegetarian child's lunchbox

kids eating lunch
photo from the George Eastman House collection (Flickr commons)

If you pack your kids' lunches, then you are faced everyday with the decision of what to pack. The good news is that kids' lunches don't have to be fancy. Most kids like simple food, prepared in simple ways.

Stick with foods you know your kid loves, even if you pack the same things every day. Don't surprise your child with something new in the lunch box. An uneaten lunch is no lunch at all.

For inspiration, check out the following week's worth of healthy, tasty, kid-friendly vegetarian lunch box ideas. Happy packing!

  • Classic Monday - Peanut butter and jelly sandwich on flax seed bread. Celery sticks. Apple sauce. Cookie. Juice box or water.
  • Black Tuesday - Black beans, rinsed, drained, and packed in a small Tupperware-like container. Carrot sticks. A pear. A Hershey's kiss or two or three. Juice box or water.
  • Leftover Wednesday - Cooked noodles. Small dinner roll. Edamame pods. Blueberries. Miniature peppermint patty. Juice box or water.
  • Happy Thursday - Hummus pita wrap. Carrot sticks. Orange sections. Cookie. Juice box or water.
  • TGI Friday - Mock tofu egg salad sandwich on flax seed bread. Celery sticks. Grapes. Trix cereal in Tupperware-like container. Juice box or water.