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Five hundred billionaires against sixteen million poor kids in America

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Class envy is the bread and butter of the Democrat Nationalist Party. They tell their millions of supporters that people who are filthy rich stole their wealth from the poor to keep them poor. They tell them those rich people would rather see them die in the gutter without homes, food, or healthcare. They tell them that they will punish these greedy bastards, take their money, and give it back to the people.

What a load of horse sh*t!

The tragedy of early 21st century America is that sixty million people believe them. The tragedy of the 21st century, and the 20th, is that Democrats are the ones stealing America’s wealth while blaming Republicans, and millions of people are so ignorant of what their government does and so stupid as to believe what they are told without examining the facts. The tragedy of America is that people are voting how taxes should be spent on themselves when they do not pay those taxes.

Clearly the poor, who are content to live off of welfare rather than work, do not care if government takes so much money from the rich that there is not enough left in their pockets to expand their business or give to charity. They think those five hundred billionaires have billions of dollars in their pockets. None of them have any understanding of the difference between their net worth and the actually cash on which they can get their hands.

In conjunction with this ignorance is the philosophy of stupidity that rich Republicans are greedy misers, but rich Democrats are caring givers. They believe Republicans giving contracts to private industry is cronyism, but Democrats taking money from successful companies to give to the failing companies of their friends is a righteous act. The rich who side with Democrats expect to be well paid and benefit hugely from their association and support.

What leftists do not want their supporters to understand is that those 500 billionaires are responsible for providing 150,000,000 jobs. What they don’t want their supporters to understand is that those billionaires and all their employees are stripped of enough money in taxes that they pay for 90,000,000 people to not work, but still have homes, food, widescreen tvs, cellphones, computers, and healthcare. What they don’t want their voters to believe is that most of the money they take from those rich people goes into their own pockets, and it is because of their theft that those billionaires don’t have enough money to employ the ninety million who have no jobs.

Democrats say government can provide everything people need in America. They can only do this by stealing more from those who work for a living to give to those who vote for a living. This is not how the American republic based on free market capitalism was designed to work, allowing everyone to prosper according to their own efforts. This is how democratic socialism, of the kind that is imposed on the people, works to make taxpayers into slaves.

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