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Five Healty New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year!
Photo by Eugene Gologursky

Many people today shun away from dreaded New Year’s resolutions. After all, who wants to start out the New Year with a big fat failure on record? This year try starting out with a few resolutions that can help you reach your goal of living a healthful life style. With these simple steps you can resolve to be healthier and actually keep your word!

Resolution 1: Be more active. This statement doesn’t necessarily mean a new gym membership. Resolve to take a walk or even take the stairs at work. Small steps can add up to big results without overhauling your daily routine.

Resolution 2: Stress less. Most people are aware that stress can negatively affect your emotions but it can also impact your health. Resolving to stress less may be as simple as taking deep breaths when you're upset or trying not to let the little things in life brings you down. Even these simple steps can go a long way to a healthy body and peace of mind.

Resolution 3: Sleep more. While eight hours of sleep eludes most of us sleep it is essential to our health. Sleep is important for bodily functions as well as mental acuity. If only we could cash in on all those naps we refused as a child. Chances are most of us can squeeze in an afternoon nap on the weekends or at least get to bed an hour earlier; another small resolution that can help you look and feel great.

Resolution 4: Eat more. This one might seem too easy but there is a catch. Eat more vegetables and fruits. Studies show that many American diets are full of the opposite; meat and starch. A diet heavily laden with red meat and processed food can be detrimental to health. This year you can easily resolve to have a salad before a meal or a serving a fruit with breakfast; an easy way to cut calories and prevent disease.

Resolution 5: Focus on health. This year forget about the number on the scale or the dress size. Focus instead on living and eating better. If weight loss is the ultimate goal it will happen without obsessing over a few pounds here and there. The way clothes fit is a better indicator of progress because the scale can’t take into account muscle mass or water weight.

While choosing this time of year to get in shape is fairly common seeing it through is not. This year choose resolutions that are doable, simple and able to yield results all year long.

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