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Five haunted places in New Hampshire

According to Shadowslands, these four places are in their directory as being haunted places in New Hampshire. The sources come from people that have a belief in the paranormal and believe that they have seen these things happen. While not everyone believes in the paranormal, it still is interesting to read especially if you like a good scare. So let's travel to New Hampshire and look at these five haunted places:

1. Alton

Alton Town Hall is said to be haunted by footsteps, furniture is said to move on its own, ghostly voices can be heard when someone is alone, and doors open by themselves.

2. Espom

The Red School House is a place of an urban legend, a very gruesome one at that. The legend tells of a teacher that went on a rampage in the late 19th century, and now there are reports of voices from beyond the grave. The legend also states that next to the school is now a local cemetery, right next to the school was where the children were buried. It's a very bizarre legend that some might believe is more fact than fiction.

3. Greensville

The Greensville Inn is said to be haunted by an old owner, a man named Frank Ducharme. Frank and his wife owned the place till he passed away and she sold the place. She was ill and couldn't keep up the inn. Well Mr. Ducharme's ghost is still roaming the place according to witnesses.

4. New London

The Old Academy is said to be haunted by ghostly footsteps, water is said to run by itself, and ghostly voices were heard in the Old Academy. Some people think the ghost is supposedly a member of the Colby family.

5. Windham

The Windham Restaurant has supposedly had its share of odd happenings. People's hair have been touched by a phantom hand, jewelry had unclasped by itself, furniture was moved around, objects disappeared, and other strange things have said to happen at the restaurant.

Have you been to any of these locations? Do you know of anymore places that are located in New Hampshire and are haunted? Share your thoughts!

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