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Five green tips for autumn

     Turn Halloween from orange to green.

The fall season is a time of tricks, treats, and changing colors. Fresh apples and hearty pumpkins are signature marks of autumn, and they all lead up to the big turkey on Thanksgiving day. In the middle of the rush to buy costumes and candy, however, there’s still a little time to incorporate green living. Here are some tips and tricks that you can carry out throughout the season to make your home and the planet a better place.

1. Go organic this Halloween. Not all candy has to be unhealthy, contrary to popular belief. When it comes to giving it out to trick-or-treaters this Halloween, do their parents a favor and give them something healthier to munch on amongst all of the junk. Visit or to find organic chocolates and other candy that are products of fair trade. Of course, you can always give out a healthy apple to play it safe.

2. Invest in reusable plates and cups. As we approach the holiday season, there’s going to be a lot of entertaining going on. Just because you’re hosting a party doesn’t mean you have to do harm to the planet, though. Refrain from buying wasteful paper cups and plates, and buy reusable party supplies whenever you can. Visit your local dollar shop, or search home decorating stores for the best sales on reusable plates, cups, and utensils.

3. Use the whole pumpkin. Pumpkins are iconic of not only Halloween, but the entire fall season. When carving that jack-o-lantern, come up with creative ways to use the insides this year. Everything from pumpkin shakes to pumpkin stews can be made out of that mess you usually just throw away. Even if you’re not much of a cook, see if a neighbor or close friend can use your leftovers. Maybe they’ll thank you with a pumpkin pie.

 Thanksgiving doesn't have to mean turkey.

4. Try a new vegetarian recipe. Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be all about the turkey, despite tradition. Bring a vegetarian or vegan dish to Thanksgiving this year to impress your friends and family. offers a number of recipes ranging from stuffed tofu pasta shells to vegan green bean casserole, and most of them are easy enough for anyone to make. If you really want to make a splash, pick up Tofurky at a grocery store or health store near you to provide guests with a protein-filled tasty option.

5. E-mail Invitations.
Twenty-five percent of all landfill waste is made up of paper. It’s a growing problem with no other solution than to cut back on our own usage, one day at a time. Because the holidays call for celebration, we’re often handing out invitations left and right to friends and family during this time of year. Do the planet a favor this season and get everyone down in your E-mail contacts list. Instead of snail mailing invites to your next get-together, do it electronically. allows you to pick and choose electronic invitations without losing the decorative aspect and the appeal. Remember, with a little creative thinking, you can always come to a greener option.