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Five fun questions with The Expendables, performing at The Loft in Atlanta

The Expendables perform in Atlanta at The Loft on their Winter Blackout Tour
The Expendables perform in Atlanta at The Loft on their Winter Blackout Tour
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The Expendables, a rock-reggae band formed in Santa Cruz, California enjoy performing, hanging out with one another and other laid-back aspects associated with their personalities. The group has been performing since 1997, headlining top venues throughout the US. With their upcoming Winter Blackout Tour, their friends, the bands Stick Figure and Speedless, join them on their annual major city tour. These guys are funny, relaxed and enjoyable to interview, as their answers are always lively. With their upcoming stop at The Loft in Atlanta, we asked Raul, guitar player for the band, our five fun questions. Read his responses below:

Who was your first concert and is there a favorite?

Expendables: My first concert was BB King, Robert Cray and Jimmy Vaughan at Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View. As far as a favorite concert I would have to say Prince at HP Pavilion a couple years ago was pretty memorable.

What was your first album on vinyl, cassette and/or CD?

Expendables: First cassette, God I'm old; Comedy Album by Bobcat Goldthwaite. First music CD was Best Of the Bingo Boys. Tragic, I know, but I used to just roach of my dads vinyl which was classic rock and jazz.

What are five bands or albums you wouldn't want to live without?

Expendables: The Police. Bob Marley. Pantera, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Guns N Roses. That's just the first five that came to mind. The list is endless.

Do you have a guilty musical or entertainment pleasure?

Expendables: So many it's hard to list. I'm a sucker for "Beautiful" by Christina Aguilera if I had to name one.

Is there any music that makes you cringe?

Expendables: I've always disliked it when people say I hate country or I hate reggae or classical. I don't see how you can dislike an entire genre of music. You haven't heard every song. And I'm guessing if you did you'd find something you like. I'm very open musically. Nothing makes me cringe. Except jazz. I hate that s***; kidding again. My dad weaned me on Miles Davis and Thelonius Monk at a young age.

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