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Five foods Steve Harvey banned from his house: Vows never to eat them again

Five foods Steve Harvey vows he will never eat again: Banned from his house
Five foods Steve Harvey vows he will never eat again: Banned from his house
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

During the "Just One More Thing" section at the end of Steve Harvey's daytime talk show on Monday, Steve revealed five foods from his childhood that he vows he will never eat again. The information Steve shared followed a section earlier in the show about an Irish husband who didn't like his wife's soul-fool cooking.

First, Steve was adamant about not eating bologna ever again in life. His mother used to buy the bologna that came in a roll with red casing. He said when he was a child he was forced to each bologna sandwiches with the red ribbon coming out of both sides of his mouth in front of the girls in his school's cafeteria. Steve promised himself that if he ever made enough money he would never eat bologna again. It has been banned from his house.

The second food showed on the screen was a can of sardines. Steve admitted he has eaten his share of sardines, and he will never eat them again. He said his mother would say she had a surprise for him in his lunch and when he open his lunch box at school, he was disappointed to find a can of sardines that when opened could be smelled by everyone in the cafeteria.

Like the Irish husband, Steve said he would never eat pigs' feet no matter what color they are because he knows that pigs walked on them. As far as chitterlings are concerned, Steve said he wouldn't eat them. However, this was not revealed during his conversation with the couple who appeared earlier in the show. It was only during his "One Last Thing" section that his studio audience and television viewers found out about these two foods that Steve won't allow in his house.

Steve was warned not to mention the name of the last item. Perhaps it's because this last item is a brand name while the other foods fall into a general category. Since he didn't mention the name, no one can sue him for talking adversely about the product. He did show a picture of it and described it. Most people know what he was talking about. Steve said something is wrong with food that you need a key to open. He said he used to throw the key to keep from opening the can.

Since Steve didn't mention the name, this writer won't mention the name either. However, there is a picture of it above this article.

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