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Five first date tips for men


Dinner and a movie not working?  Try sunlight and exercise, instead.

Whether you have spent a great deal of effort to get a date with that one girl, or you find it easy to get women to give you a few hours on Friday, you don't want to be rejected.  Here are five things you can do to keep your first date from being a flop.

1.)   Go out early.  While it may seem unusual to plan a date for Sunday afternoon, there is a lot to be said for earlier times.  Daylight hours spent outside promote serotonin production, which suppresses the anxiety response.  She'll be more comfortable around you, and you will project more confidence. 

2.)  Get moving.  Find an activity that requires a bit of physical exertion - not strenuous exercise, but something to raise your pulse.  Horseback riding, dancing, even playing billiards can get your blood flowing.  You'll both feel a slight euphoria, a great feeling to have her remember when she talks about the date with her friends the next day. 

3.)  Don't be unpleasant.  This may seem obvious, but many men make the mistake of bringing up something negative.  Are you divorced?  Is someone at your office a jerk?  Don't bring these things up, and if she starts talking about the awful people in her life, subtly redirect the conversation to more pleasant topics.  She isn't there for you to unload or vent, she wants you to show her a good time.

4.)  Be interested.  Women like a man who is interesting, but they love a man who is interested in them.  You may have led an adventurous life and done a great many impressive deeds, but the most impressive thing you can do on your date is to listen to what she has to say.

5.)  Be bold and articulate.  Nothing says confidence like speaking, succinctly, what is on your mind.  This does not mean you need to be crass, nor brutal in your honesty.  Assertive statements show maturity and good taste, and if you can deliver such statements with diplomacy and verve, you can establish yourself  as a man of wit and charm - rare qualities that will set you apart from the men who fumble the first date.


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