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Five Finger Death Punch: Zoltan's disappearing act



Las Vegas is known for its many magicians and illusionists.  People like Criss Angel can make it look like someone has disappeared before your very eyes, but you know in the back of your mind that it is just a trick, a game, a show. 

After Five Finger Death Punch's show on Friday at the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas, disappearing became more than an act.  Zoltan Bathory, 5FDP's guitarist went missing. The last time he was seen was drinking with a bunch of guys who had been having a bachelor party the night of the show.  The band claimed it is not like Zoltan to wander off without contacting someone, and the authorities were notified, but they pleaded with fans to send any relevant information to them about this disappearance. 

Bathory was born in Hungary and formed Five Finger Death Punch, opening for Dragonforce back in 2006.  They quickly rose to stardom and released their first album The Way of the Fist in 2007.  Their new album, War is the Answer, was just released on September 22nd.

Zoltan is well known for his interest in eastern philosophy and culture and all things Japanese.  He loves Judo and even brings his martial arts mats with him on tour so he can practice during his down time. 

Through the details are not being shared, he was found after contacting the band and intends to join them in their upcoming tour. Just a bunch of guys out drinking too much and having a good time, more than likely.  Perhaps he found a sushi buffet that he just couldn't walk away from.  Was it some crazy publicity stunt to get more people to check out the new album? Maybe he doesn't even remember where he was for a few days.  Either way the entire truth will most likely stay in Vegas, like most things tend to do.