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Five features that should be in Magic: the Gathering Toolbox for iOS and Android

With Magic: the Gathering Toolbox just around the corner, there are several things that Magic players wish it could do. Here's our list of the top five features we'd love to see in Magic: the Gathering Toolbox.

Magic: the Gathering Toolbox
Wizards of the Coast
Magic: the Gathering Toolbox
Wizards of the Coast

Ask a Judge
Have a specific rules question? Get it answered by a judge or someone who is a Rules Adviser. Incentives, such as free Deck Builder updates, can be given to the top volunteers.

#MTG Stream
A feed of the #MTG Twitter channel with a jump into the Twitter app for replies would help to keep players connected. At the very least, there should be an icon to “discuss” on the home or index screen that links to the official Magic: the Gathering discussion forums.

Price Checker
Although it is understandable that Wizards of the Coast would want to distance themselves from being involved in the secondary market of their own cards, one of the most handy reasons for using a Magic app is to look up the value of cards while making a trade while at a Magic event. Incorporating a price checker into the Magic: the Gathering Toolbox would give yet another reason for users to choose the official Magic app over the competition.

If you take a look at the index, the Magic: the Gathering Toolbox features an E Store with 4 notifications. One idea would be for Wizards of the Coast to sell the right for companies to list their singles. This would help mitigate costs of updating the program while also providing a useful feature to the users.

Export decks to Magic Online
The new deck builder will no doubt be a very handy and popular feature, however the ability to save decks as “Net Deck” to import onto Magic Online would be very useful.

Fully incorporate Magic Online
Lets face it: who wouldn't play Magic Online on their iPad or Android tablet? The touch screens are perfect for playing Magic.

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