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Five fascinating shows opening this September

"Once on this Island" at the Aurora Fox
"Once on this Island" at the Aurora Fox
The Aurora Fox

Summer is coming to an end and all the local theater companies are pulling out their fall schedules. Fall is an exciting time for local theater, as the weather starts to cool off and people begin looking for more entertainment options. There are a lot of really interesting shows coming up in September, with some risky material, difficult staging and brave choices. Whether you’re looking for a small, dramatic play or a romantic musical, here are five fascinating shows coming to a theatre near you this September.

“Once on this Island”
Aurora Fox Arts Center

“Once on this Island” is a stunningly beautiful musical. If you’ve never seen this incredible show, then here is your chance to catch it at the Aurora Fox Arts Center. It’s a Caribbean fair tale that is loosely based on the original Little Mermaid story, but it’s told in a very different way. It centers around a young peasant girl named Ti Moune. She rescues and then falls in love with a rich boy from the other side of the island. As the gods of the island intervene, Ti Moune fights her way to track down her beloved, and gets torn between two very different worlds. Starring as Ti Moune in this production is the Henry Award-winning actress SuCh, and the show is being directed and choreographed by Candy Brown. This is definitely one to put on your schedule.

“Naughty Bits”
Buntport Theatre

The brilliant team at Buntport is at it again with another original work. This time it’s a play based on a Roman marble statue of Hercules that was entirely restored, except for one specific part. It’s all based on the fact that “over the course of history, the ‘naughty bits’ on nude statues have fallen prey to being knocked off or covered for the sake of ‘decency’” Buntport has created this all-new play. It involves three different stories set in the 1920s, 1950s and today, all of which connect in some way to Hercules and his missing body part. Buntport is known all over the state for it’s creative and brilliant storytelling, so this should be a fun and very interesting look at art and history.

“Waiting For Godot”
Ripple Effect Theatre

The new Ripple Effect Theatre is launching with this often discussed but rarely performed gem, “Waiting For Godot.” The show is often considered to be one of the first works of the “theatre of the absurd” genre, and has also been voted among the most significant English plays of the 20th Century. The show itself is about two tramps that fill their days waiting for someone, or something, called Godot. Most recently the show was revived on Broadway featuring the incredible Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen, but this is the first time in many years that the show has been performed in Denver. Check out the premier of this brand new company with “Waiting for Godot.”

“I Do! I Do!”
Vintage Theatre

Not all musicals have to be filled with huge casts, tons of dancing girls and major set changes. Sometimes the best musicals are small, intimate shows with a strong story and beautiful performances. Coming up at Vintage Theatre is “I Do! I Do!” a two-person story that spans more than 50 years of a couple’s relationship. It talks all about the ups and downs of one couple, as told from their bedroom, which consists of a large fourposter bed in the center of the room. Featuring Suzanne Nepi and Brian Walker Smith, and directed by Lorraine Scott, this is one small musical that is sure to make a big impact.

“The Lord of the Flies”
Denver Center Theatre Company

The Denver Center Theatre Company has never been one to shy away from a challenge, and this staged adaptation of one of the most classic works of literature is no exception. It’s about a group of English boys who find themselves stranded on a deserted island with no adult supervision. With all of this newfound freedom the boys’ games quickly descend into a massive struggle for power, and a fragile dystopia that shines a dark light into the depths of human nature. It’s a very ambitious show to produce, and one of the most anticipated shows of the year. With a mostly youth-cast, it will be exciting to see how the Denver Center is able to pull this massive undertaking off.

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