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Five exercises you should be doing, but aren't

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Sometimes, the simplest looking exercises are the ones people really need most. They can strengthen all the little muscles that allow you to function better; and maybe even look better. If you need to improve your core strength, posture, or just want a better looking backside, these exercises are for you. Perform 10-15 repetitions of the non-balancing exercises.

Toe raises: Simply stand up straight and lift your toes into the air. This strengthens the anterior tibialis muscle, located along your shin. Doing so helps prevent shin splints due to jogging/running. It also stretches the calf muscles, helping with posture.

Balancing on one leg: Yes, this is important for core strength. Balancing uses all of your core muscles. Stay tall, bend the knee slightly, and make sure to squeeze your glute a bit. This can improve posture, prevent low back and shoulder pain, and prevent you from slipping and falling. Hold 20-30 seconds.

Supermans: Another great exercise to improve your core strength, glutes, and also your shoulders. This will help your posture immensely. Lay flat on your belly, look forward, and place your arms above your head. Squeeze your glutes, hamstrings, lower back and shoulders to lift your head, arms and legs off the ground. Hold for a two count, then slowly return to the starting position.

Shoulder slides: This exercise may the best thing for people with shoulder problems or bad posture. Stand with your back against a wall; keep your belly in, and your heels, hips and shoulders against the wall. Bend your elbows 90 degrees and lift them to shoulder height. Make sure your elbows and backs of your hands are against the wall. Slowly slide your arms to a straightened position above your head. Your elbows and hands should still be against the wall. Feel it stretch open your chest and shoulders. Once your arms are straight, or begin to come away from the wall, slowly slide them back down.

Quadruped Hip Extension (QHE): Kneel on the floor with your hands under your chest. Keep your core tight. Slowly, raise one leg out to the side, keeping it bent. Maintain a flat torso. Slowly return the leg to the starting position. This strengthens the glutes, as well as opens up your inner hips.



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