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Five exercises that will help boost your metabolism

The following five exercises help boost metabolism, get your heart pumping, help loose and maintain weight if added to your daily health care regimen.

There are numerous health benefits that come with daily exercise
Photo by Brad Barket

1. Walking is one of the best exercises in the world, it has numerous health benefits if done routinely. Walking puts less stress on your joints than jogging or running does.

For more information on walking visit: Medicinenet

2. Jumping Jacks are one of the time honored exercises Jack Lalanne used to do on his TV program years past and one of the exercises that had kept his aging body in shape for years, sadly he died at age 96 from pneumonia.

To see videos of people doing Jumping Jacks visit:

To learn how to do Jumping Jacks visit:

3. Squats will really get your blood pumping and your metabolism rising. Start slow in 1 minute to 5 minute spurts depending on how good in-shape you already are in.

To see videos of people doing squats visit:

To learn more about squats visit: Nerd Fitness

4. Mountain climbing squats are harder to do but will get you in shape fast if done routinely.

To see videos of people doing Mountain Climbing Squats visit:

For mountain climbing squats with a thrust visit:

5. Jogging is running at a slow pace. The purpose of jogging instead of running at a faster pace is to reduce the stress on the body.

For more information on jogging visit:

To find out how many calories you are burning while doing different activities see:
Calories burned while exercising

This list at NutriStrategy calculates the calories burned by using your body weight and the time you spend exercising.

If you or someone you know is thinking about starting this or any exercise regimen they should check in with their primary health care provider by getting a physical and ask questions to see what the best exercises for your body, shape, size, and health condition. Also find out about any diet changes you should make to kick start your new healthier lifestyle.

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