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Five easy ways to lift your mood

Photo by Matthias Kern/Bongarts/Getty Images

1. It could be worse. Even if you’re falling off a cliff, it could be worse, at least the view is pretty on the way down. But seriously, most situations in life could be worse. And while this is not a transformative way out of the doldrums, it does put things in perspective and often it lends a bit of humor to the situation….which leads us to the next point:

2. Have a sense of humor. Jewish joke during the Holocaust: “The Fuhrer has made us all very religious. We at every day like its Yom Kippur.” If even during the terrible years of the Holocaust Jews could find humor, whatever is happening to you, you could do the same. Sometimes it lightens your mood just enough to give you more strength.

3. Get to work. Being idle is one of the worst things if you aren’t in a good mood. When you are busy moving boxes or furniture, or playing tennis, it’s hard to concentrate fully on your problems. It can clear your head long enough to possibly find a solution. Whenever you’re distracted from your problems, it’s hard to be depressed.

4. At least. Three elderly women on a bench in the park. One says, “I can’t hear a thing anymore.” Another says, “I can’t see a thing anymore.” The third one says, “At least we can all still drive.” Similar to way number one, this way focuses your attention on one of your blessings that you still have. You may have lost your purse, but at least you still have your car keys. You may have to sell your car, but at least you still own your home. Focus your mind on what you do have.

5. Doodle. Serious art can be frustrating if you don’t view yourself as a good artist, or if you do but are achieving the effect you want. But doodling, heck anyone can do that. It is a great way to get out your anger, or express your feelings. Don’t keep it all bottled up inside. Let it out on a piece of paper.

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