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Five easy steps to having a great Halloween night

Halloween is near and finding that perfect Halloween party could be overwhelming with the many new bars and clubs that are throwing a party this year. Take these easy steps to help you get the most out of your night!

1. Decide what part of town you want to go to. I suggest you stick to your side of town if driving, or take a cab where you go. On Holiday nights cops patrol streets and freeways more than normal. Even after a few drinks you can get busted and taken in…nobody really wants to wear an orange jump suit for Halloween. Spending $20 on a cab beats thousands for a DUI.

2. Plan out your night. Most places that do not have a cover do. Be prepared to pay a cover fee. This is because most places have live bands or a costume contest with heavy prize money.

3. Be patient. A lot of the clubs that have long lines already are going to have even longer lines. Don’t get frustrated just go with the flow and chill out.

4. With that said…Have fun! Dress up! Be original! There are many places around Houston that can point you in the direction of a great costume idea (more so than jut a prepackaged cookie cutter outfit).

5. Remember that this is a holiday and in the industry we call this “amateur night” a night when people go out who don’t normally go out. So Please people be smart and don’t act like a fool, we don’t care how many shots you can take-if you can’t take it. I hope these simple steps help to having a successful Halloween night. Yet simple these rules will help you non-industrienites have a fun, crazy-yet safe Halloween night!


  • Jesus 5 years ago

    I have known Ms. Kuchik for more than ten years. She is the most kindhearted soul I have ever met! She is a busy college student and holds down two jobs. I know that this online endeavor will help perfect her skills and one day we will see her name in a big name magazine…Where will your name be Jessica? I'm just curious.

  • Spud 5 years ago

    get a life. Maybe you should stay at home on Halloween, and don't to forget to turn off the lights, cause you don't want to have fun....

    Cheers to all you party animals, excluding Jessica of course!

  • nikki 5 years ago

    i love max!

  • Jennifer 5 years ago

    Great points Alex.