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Five dogs rescued from neglectful freezing conditions in Uniontown

Five dogs were rescued from unbearable conditions in Uniontown, Pa. on Tuesday thanks to volunteer Liesa Dbd, area representative for Dogs Deserve Better, a non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue of chained and penned dogs.

Living in egregious conditions in subfreezing cold weather and suffering from neglect, these five dogs were rescued thanks to the diligent attention of Dogs Deserve Better volunteers.
Liesa Collier of DDB
This Lhasa Apso was chained by a two-foot chain to a tree. Which is the front and which is the back of this neglected three-year-old pup?
Liesa Collier of DDB

It could make any person shiver with outrage to capture an image of a three-year-old tiny Lhasa Apso chained to a tree by a two-foot chain, fur so matted that it was unrecognizable whether he was facing front or backwards, with only a urine soaked blanket and a dog house as protection from single digit temperatures accompanied by wind chills far below zero.

It could make any person shiver with outrage to find a Pomeranian's little paws soaked in urine desperately trying to bark for attention and any way to find some warmth as the snow and cold temperatures permeated every pore of his defenseless little body.

And then there were the pug, the chihuahua mix, and a male brindle puppy who were no better off trying desperately to survive temperatures unfit for humans, much less their four-legged companions as they shivered on their short leashes tethered mercilessly to another tree.

Two properties were visited, and the dogs were all turned over to the Uniontown Police and Animal Control by their owners; circumstances were soon to improve for the dogs.

According to Liesa Collier of Dogs Deserve Better:

"The pug and the chihuahua are now being cared for by The Animal Friends of Westmoreland. Donations for vetting can be made directly to

Steel Vet Services at 724-206-9944 under DDB/Liesa Collier. Donations can also be made on the DDB website"

Follow the progress of these dogs on Facebook by clicking here.

Please be an advocate for those who cannot speak. Report all suspicious activity concerning pets and cruel conditions to your local shelter or police. Be their voice.

Further investigation may lead to animal cruelty and neglect charges to the owners.

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