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Five Delays To The Apple, Dr. Dre's Beats Deal

The Apple deal with Dr Dre's Beats
The Apple deal with Dr Dre's Beats
Photo by Noam Galai

Perhaps this is better described as five possible reasons why the purported deal between Apple and Dr. Dre's Beats has been delayed. Assuming that it was ever more than a rumour in the first place of course. Although, if we're honest, if it had been something that they weren't even thinking about I expect we would have been told by now. There's no requirement for anyone to actually tell us anything at all. Apple is a listed company, yes, but it's so large that even a $3 billion takeover would not be a material event that had to be disclosed, not while it was still being negotiated. And Beats is privately held of course.

Billboard has given us a list of the five reasons why the deal might have been delayed and they roughly break down into the following:

1) It's a big complicated deal. Yes, Apple has more money than Croesus but it will still be the largest deal the company has ever done. Ten times larger than the NeXT purchase which brought Steve Jobs back to the company.

2) The news leaked too early. Apple's just not ready to make the leap yet, they're still trying to work out whether they want to do it.

3) The leaked video rather scared the staid Apple management. Yes, we know that they're all very cool and funky but watching a seems to be drunk rapper squealing with glee at the thought of his company being purchased would scare most corporate managements.

4) What are they actually going to do with Dre and Iovine? Sure, they seem to know what they're doing but what would a corporate like Apple do with them?

5) Really a continuation of 1). It's a complicated deal so it all takes time.

Of course, all this is speculation but it is also informed speculation. So, treat it with some healthy suspicion but it's a reasonable guide to what might be going on.

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