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Five dead in Idaho plane wreckage: Wife of pilot said they didn't suffer

Five bodies were recovered from an Idaho plane crash by a private search party who relentless combed the area to find the wreckage. The plane had been missing since December when Silicon Valley executive Dale Smith, his son, his daughter-in-law, his daughter and her fiancee were flying from Oregon to Montana when their plane vanished.

Five dead in plane crash: Missing wreckage found, all five on board dead.

While it was assumed that the family had crashed in the rural mountainous area, no one really knew for sure where, until this week. The wreckage was found after weeks of this plane missing with family members on board.

According to The Daily Beast on Jan 12, a search team that set out to find the plane is now working to recover the wreckage. The plane was on fire before crashing, but before they went down Smith was trying to locate a back country landing strip via the radio.

When the searchers finally found the plane the five human remains indicated that they died in the crash. Janis Smith, the wife of the 51-year-old pilot, Dale Smith, said that “it was a real sense of closure to know exactly what happened.” She also stressed that it comforted her to know that the victims didn’t suffer.

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