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Five Cool Apps for Self Quantifying

If you’ve ever started a new diet or fitness routine you know how hard it can be to make lifestyle changes. If there were an application on your smart phone or tablet that could make it a little easier why not? This time around there are gadgets and gizmos that not only can help you lose weight and eat right; they have also developed tools that can help you track your own blood pressure sleep patterns and even chart your happiness. Here are five top trends in self quantifiers.

1. MyFitnessPal is a great one for tracking diet and exercise and also calories consumed. It also tracks your progress and monitors weight but, if you’re looking for anything related to disease prevention this is not the app for you.

2. Sleep is important to maintain physical and mental health and of course most of us don’t get enough of it. If you are interested in improving your rest patterns however, you can use several apps like Bedscales to help you see exactly how much sleep you’re getting and hopefully where you can sneak in some more snooze time.

3. For those interested in health information such as blood pressure monitoring you may want to check out Smart BP which will help you record track and analyze your way to improved health.

4. Diabetes has become a serious condition for many Americans and controlling it can be tedious. There are several apps that are available, according to the American Diabetics Association, that can help save time and make it a bit easier to make sure your blood sugar stays on track.

5. Another app with a cute name and a nifty idea is HAPIfork. This one tracks and analyzes your eating habits to help you reduce your pace.

Other apps for the self quantifying craze can allow you to rate your own driving skills, so for those needing a little extra motivation in the form of data try an app or two. With a little research you can find an app for just about anything that you’re interested in quantifying.

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