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Five common-sense steps to take before every test

South Korean Students Sit For Scholastic Ability Tests 11/18/2010
South Korean Students Sit For Scholastic Ability Tests 11/18/2010

The test is the main percentage of a grade in any college class. Getting a bad grade on one test could very well mean a lower letter grade for the entire class. The reverse is also true.

The best way, of course, to pass every test is to know the material. But there are also some common-sense steps, besides simply studying, that give the body and mind an extra edge on test day.

1. Sleep for eight to ten hours the night before taking your test. Ignore the temptation to stay up late cramming and looking at notes. The fact is, the night before the test is not the time to study. The mind will be more alert if it gets a good night’s sleep.

2. Eat a good breakfast before taking the test. No, a donut and an energy drink do not count. Make sure to eat some protein. Bacon and eggs with some fruit is an great way to start the day. Eating a filling, energy laden breakfast will give the brain a kick during the test.

3. Drink two to three glasses of water to hydrate the body and prime the thinking muscles. It is not that big of a pain to use the facilities later. Staying hydrated will go a long way.

4. To counteract nerves, listen to your favorite song before heading off to class (or in the car on the way). We think better when we are happy, and music is a great way to get in a good mood.

5. Be there on time. There is no reason to be late and make yourself that much more stressed. The goal is to be in a calm, happy, well-rested state before the test. Leaving a little earlier than normal will not hurt, and it will keep the stress to a minimum.

When the time for studying and cramming is over, these five common sense steps will help place the brain in a calm state of mind. The information that was packed in through study, will be more easily remembered if stress, sleep, hunger and dehydration are taken out of the picture.

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