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Five common beauty rules you can break without worry

Beauty rules you can break
Beauty rules you can break
Beauty Rules

Sometimes, it's okay to break certain "beauty rules." But in order to break them, you first need to know what these beauty rules are that are made to be broken. The majority of women who use cosmetics and beauty products on a regular basis believe how they apply their make-up is an expression of who they really are, and as long as you don't go overboard (no clown make up jobs), there shouldn't be limitations or rules. While breaking these particular beauty rules probably don't make you a "beauty rebel" (think along the lines of Lady Gaga), doing so can usually work to your advantage.

1. You must apply foundation to your entire face. While this can be true, if your face doesn't need that much coverage, you really don't need to apply foundation to the entire facial area. Apply it to troublesome spots that need evening out -- usually around the nose, under the eyes and the chin area -- and then blend well. By simply covering your trouble areas, you can still achieve an even, polished look by using less foundation.

2. You must use powder only after you apply your foundation. This is another rule that can certainly be true, but in actuality, you can apply your powder first, then your foundation. Dust finishing powder all over your face first, then apply your liquid foundation, BB cream or tinted moisturizer. What you'll find is that the light layer of powder already on your skin will grab onto the foundation, providing a better coverage (if you need or want this). And if you're a perfectionist looking for an all-over matte look, apply powder, foundation and then another light dusting of powder again.

3. Only use lip liner for lining your lips. Who really does this? Most women who use a lip liner to not only line their lips, but apply a nice base for your lipstick. By filling in most of your lip with lip liner (make sure it is a similar color as your lipstick), lipstick will adhere better and wear longer. Also, when your lipstick begins to wear off during the day, you won't have that ghastly line that's only visible along the outline of your lips.

4. Use your lash curler before applying mascara. While you can do this, sometimes it's better to curl after your applied mascara completely dries for an even more dramatic effect. If you attempt to curl your lashes while the mascara is still wet, or even partially wet, you risk breaking your lashes or pulling them out. So if you think curling eyelashes before you apply your mascara is the better way to go, stick with it. But, if you're more daring, apply one coat of your regular mascara (hopefully you don't have one that flakes easily because this probably won't work), let it dry completely - at least 15 minutes - and then curl your eyelashes and watch how they curl more easily and the already applied mascara helps hold the curl in place.

5. Only focus on one primary facial feature. Whether it be your eyes, lips or cheeks, sometimes just focusing on one of your features and giving them a little boost or a more dramatic look isn't always the best policy. Think of old Hollywood glamour and how models and actresses of the 40s and 50s wore darker lip colors and wore the cat-eye make-ups at the same time. It was beautiful, elegant and those particular looks are still worn by women today, all over the world. The key is to not overdo your make-up. For example, if you want to wear a deep red lip color and then use a light smoky grey shadow for the eye, plus a nice, thick liquid liner in black, this wouldn't be too much, but instead just right for an impeccably polished look.

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