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Five classic movies to watch since it's Tax Day

Today is known as Tax Day aka the day where you better get those taxes finished. If you're still struggling with finishing those taxes, watch one or more of these movies that I've listed below. If you finished your taxes months ago, well then sit back and pick out one of these tax-related films to finish off your tax-free night.

1. "Capone" (1959)

I think we all know how they caught Al Capone, so it's only fitting on this day to watch a movie about his life. In this version about Al Capone, Rod Steiger plays him. Richard Wilson had directed the movie.

2. "Harry's War" (1981)

Edward Herrmann played the once mild-mannered mailman until the IRS messes with his favorite aunt. The woman dies in court, so Harry decides to fight the IRS, and get his own personal revenge. David Ogden Stiers, Elisha Cook Jr, also starred in this Kieth Merrill film.

3. "Tax Day" (1998)

Laura Colella directed this indie about a couple, Irene and Paul, who are walking to the Postal Office on Apr. 15th to send out their taxes. The couple keeps getting distracted by a variety of encounters. "The Boston Herald" called this movie, ":Delightful...has the quick-witted cleverness of the best road movies...The result is a truly genuine feel-good movie."

4. "Wall Street" (1987)

Charlie Sheen played a young stockbroker that learns the way of money and power, after he becomes somewhat of a 'protege' to his hero, the wealthy unscrupulous corporate raider Gordon Gecko (played wonderfully by Michael Douglas). Oliver Stone's "Wall Street" is the perfect film while doing last minute taxes, though just don't get too greedy!

5. "The Mating Game" (1959)

In "The Mating Game," Tony Randall played a tax collector that is sent to a farm, to find out why the owner hasn't paid his taxes. Well first he's on official business until he meets their daughter, Mariette (played by Debbie Reynolds). This romantic comedy was directed by George Marshall.

So those were five movies that might make your Tax Day a little less stressful, well maybe?

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