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Five classic movies to watch for Presidents' Day

Today is Presidents' Day, some of you were lucky for an extra day off while others worked on this monday. Either way whatever you're doing, these five classic movies are perfect to watch for this day and for any day really...

1. "Jefferson in Paris" (1995)

James Ivory directed "Jefferson in Paris," a film that had Nick Nolte played Jefferson in the movie. The film looked at Jefferson's years as the Ambassdor of the U.S. to France.

2. "Abe Lincoln in Illinois" (1940)

Henry Fonda was a great actor who played Lincoln, but for this writer, Raymond Massey takes the cake for best Lincoln lookalike, though both movies are great to watch. The Fonda film was a John Ford film called, "Young Mr. Lincoln." The Massey film was directed by John Cromwell.

3. "Nixon" (1995)

"Nixon" was a 90s Oliver Stone film that had Anthony Hopkins as the President Richard Nixon. Joan Allen played Pat Nixon.

4. "Truman" (1995)

"Truman" another '95 president movie, this one was created by HBO. Gary Sinise played Harry S. Truman. Sinise won an Golden Globe for his role and the film won other awards.

5. "Wilson" (1944)

Henry King directed this biopic and Alexander Knox starred as the president. According to it's wiki, the film first broadcasted on TCM on February 8!

So on this day or any other day, watch this diverse list of presidential movies.

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