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Five books every writer should read

Since we’re almost reached the end of January and all those writing-related New Years’ resolutions are starting to reveal their true colors of staying or fading, here are a few recommended reads to reboost the fresh spirit of the New Year and meeting those writing goals. Pick up a few of these, and prepare to be creatively inspired, motivated, and rejuvenated.

The Writers’ Journey by Christopher Vogler
There’s a reason this book is required reading for major film studio execs. Just reading the list of endorsers who claim this book as instrumental in their success will put stars in your eyes. This is perhaps the all-time best book any creative writer can (and should) read.

Stephen King’s On Writing
At once a memoir and an invaluable handbook on writing, Mr. King has charted his evolution as a bestselling author and has included for our benefit all the writing craft techniques that got him there.

The Elements of Style by William Strunk Jr and E.B. White
A must-read for writers across all mediums, and a return to the roots of structure that will strengthen your style and craft and make you sound like a true veteran professional .

The First Five Pages: A Writer’s Guide to Staying Out of the Rejection Pile by Noah Lukeman
For everyone who has received a pass letter, read this book to find out why and how to avoid more of them in future.

The Subversive Copyeditor by Carol Fisher Saller
A fresh take on copyediting that’s at once a helpful reminder of the details and official rules and a welcome reassurance of prior knowledge.

For a bonus recommendation, check out How Not to Write a Screenplay
For screenwriters that want a strong dose of invaluable content along with a laugh-out-loud narrative, this is a delightful (and incredibly useful) read.

Also check out these lists from recommenders Michael A. Stelzner, Jane Friedman, Demian Farnworth, and David Duggins.


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