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Fitwirr launches new fitness app –women's ab and butt workouts

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Dijony Alexandre and Misato Alexandre are the founders of the new fitness app Fitwirr. Exercise is difficult enough without it being complicated with complex instructions. Fitwirr is a new iPhone workout app that is designed to simplify abdominal and glute workouts with easy to follow visual instructions that only take 5-8 seconds to master. "Most apps require up to 2 minutes of learning time for every exercise learned. This is well outside even a focused adult's attention span and discourages people from exercising. A shorter learning curve means lower barrier to entry and equates a more productive workout," says Misato Alexandre, an iOS developer for Fitwirr.

Fitwirr's workouts are designed to be home friendly and can be performed with bodyweight only, or with accessible home equipment such as hand weights and towels. Alexandre, said "We aim to be the easiest to follow workout guide that maximizes workout time and brings results to the average woman."

For more information on Fitwirr App, please contact Misato Alexandre at, or visit


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