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Fitwirr app targets women's abs and butts

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Does the thought of trying new exercises make you cringe? It's hard enough already to keep a exercise routine that fits into your schedule and fits your lifestyle and needs but add in learning new routines and techniques can leave you feeling frustrated instead of satisfied.

Many workout apps on the market that you download expect you to have plenty of time to learn a new exercise or even specific workout equipment but in today's hectic world, time is the last thing anyone has. With Fitwirr, a new iPhone workout app that is designed to simplify abdominal and glute workouts with easy to follow visual instructions it only take 5-8 seconds to master.

'Most apps require up to 2 minutes of learning time for every exercise learned. This is well outside even a focused adult's attention span and discourages people from exercising. A shorter learning curve means lower barrier to entry and equates a more productive workout,' says Misato Alexandre, an iOS developer for Fitwirr.

Fitwirr's workout are designed to be home friendly so you can do them whenever it's convenient for you and you don't need any special equipment to perform the exercises. With this new women of all ages can spend less time meaning and more time pursuing personal fitness goals with exercises that make the greatest impact by presenting each one with visual instructions and images that show the correct movements necessary to perform them as well as providing a series of arrows and pointers.

'We want to provide instant recognition of posture and key movements with minimal assistance. Our users need a workout that is easy to follow, yet highly focused and result oriented.' Alexandre said.

The Fitwirr app was created after developer Misato Alexandre, who lost 20 pounds and decided to bring the workouts that helped her get in shape to all women joined with Djohny Alexandre who has over a decade of experience in the fitness industry. Together they've created an app for women looking to target their trouble areas, abs and butts with exercises that are easy to do and fail proof.

'Our app was made under the direction of certified fitness professionals to ensure the highest quality.' Alexandre, said 'We aim to be the easiest to follow workout guide that maximizes workout time and brings results to the average woman.'

Fitwirr is a free app available at the iTunes app store. For more information about Fitwirr or follow on Twitter at

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