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Fitting fiber into your diet--which breads have more fiber?

We are told to eat at least 25 grams of fiber daily. If you are like most health-conscious people, trying to find that one loaf of bread, among the hundreds displayed at your local grocery store that has at least 3 grams of fiber in a slice, can be a long search mission. So this article simplifies it for you. First, a word of caution. Do NOT let the number of grams of whole grains mislead you. You absolutely need to read the nutrition label to see exactly how much fiber is included.

If you like large slices of bread, then go for the Oroweat "Double Fiber Bread." One slice = 80 calories, 5 grams of fiber, and 18 grams of carbs. (Oddly enough, it used to have 6 grams of fiber and had 70 calories. This writer thinks their bread may have been tested by an independent lab and found to not have a full 6 grams of fiber and to be higher in calories.) Whole wheat flour, then water, are the first two ingredients on the label.

If you prefer an equivalent to English muffins, Oroweat has a product that has 4 grams of fiber in each muffin, and 150 calories. As with many breads, while you may think that having a large number of grams of whole grains would make a bread healthier, especially when there is at least 3 grams of fiber in each serving, that is not always the case. The bread may be high in carbohydrates (which includes sugar). In this writer's experience, most slices of bread or the equivalent of one ounce, range from 18 to 27 grams of carbohydrates, with most around 25-27 grams, on average. Since having toast with your morning eggs is a popular breakfast, the muffins can satisfy your need for bread.

Do you like a certain high-fiber bread? If so, let me know what brand you eat by posting your comment on the Examiner website for this article. But keep in mind that you should not overdose on bread--after all, too many carbs make for gaining weight! So you will need to get your fiber via other foods.

If bread is not something you usually eat (Who can eat scrambled eggs without toast?), then where can you turn for fiber? For starters, many fruits have fiber in them. Indeed, raspberries are upon the highest-fiber fruits you can eat. Put some on your morning cereal to get in not only a half (or full) fruit serving, but something that will make you feel full after you have eaten breakfast.

Artichokes are very high in fiber, and have 10.3 grams of fiber in one medium cooked artichoke. Buy the canned artichoke hearts, drain (too much salt), rinse (too much oil), and serve cold by adding to a salad.

To find out which foods are higher in fiber per serving, check out this list from the Mayo Clinic.

One of the simplest ways you can maintain a healthy colon is to make sure you eat enough fiber. It is your body, so take care of it!

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