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Fitness Trends in 2014

Fitness trends in 2014 have begun to migrate back to the basics. Simple equipment such as jump ropes and kettle bells are beginning to rise in popularity. CrossFit workouts and High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with the use of these simple fitness tools are the norm in modern fitness venues.

CrossFit training is one of the fitness training regimens that is growing in popularity in 2014.
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Another old trend made new is running. Due to the poor economy and long hours of work, more people are turning to running as their choice of aerobic activity.

Presently, the most popular fitness trend is High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). This physical fitness training method allows the exerciser to complete a full-body workout. The HIIT method is quick and effective. Ironically, the same fitness method that is touted as being extremely effective and tremendously popular is also very risky. Many people who are not trained or are improperly trained to perform many of the HIIT exercises sustain injuries.

New trends that are climbing the ranks in popularity are exercise regimens that complement weight-loss strategies, personal training in small groups, and yoga. Also due to the poor economy and lack of time for exercise, plyometric training is rising in popularity. Plyometric training does not require any special equipment because the movements are done using the weight of the body. Functional fitness will continue to be useful for some people for the purpose of enhancing mobility; however, this fitness trend is waning in popularity.


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