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Fitness trainer under fire for exercising while 35 weeks pregnant

Earlier this month, personal trainer Sara Haley was named as one of Shape magazines "50 Hottest Female Trainers in America 2014". Now, just under two weeks after being called one of America's hottest trainers, she is being criticized by others for continuing to train at 35 weeks pregnant, according to Shape on April 21, 2014.

Sara Haley, certified trainer criticized for exercising at 35 weeks pregnant
Sara Haley, certified trainer criticized for exercising at 35 weeks pregnant
New York Daily
Prenatal exercise

The 35-year-old California mom says while some people just stare and whisper to one another, others blatantly make rude noises and remarks for her to hear. The pregnant trainer compares being at the gym to being "back in high school where people gang up and make nasty comments."

"Wow, those are the worst stretch marks I've ever seen!" and "Your butt is so big!" are just a couple of the derogatory remarks Haley has heard.

"It's an element of bullying," says Haley. Some people have no filter when they see a pregnant woman training."

Haley brushes off the criticism from these self-proclaimed obstetricians and has reportedly been given the "go-ahead" to continue to train by her actual ob.

"Exercising during pregnancy is highly recommended by all sound fitness accreditations," said Haley.

While Sara Haley is dealing with a lot of negativity, she is also receiving positive reactions from some. She says her favorite is the "classic eye contact with a big thumbs up."

Haley is not the first pregnant trainer to be bombarded with criticism for exercising while pregnant. CrossFit mom, Lea-Ann Ellison was under serious fire last year for sharing pictures of herself lifting weights two weeks before giving birth.

Exercise During Pregnancy: Myth vs Fact

Ellison, just like Haley, didn't allow the wrath of social media critics concern her and was anxious to show off her perfect little girl to those who said she would injure her baby.

Sara Haley is an international fitness expert and well-known for her pregnancy workout DVDs and computer downloads. To read her complete bio and blog, visit her website here.

What are your thoughts on exercising while pregnant? Do you think Sara Haley and other expecting moms who exercise are overdoing it?

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