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Fitness trainer mom kicked out of LA Fitness gym for working out with her son

Krista Grubb
Krista Grubb

Move over Planet Fitness, another gym is creating a stir and being criticized for revoking the memberships of a mother and son who were working out.

Krista Grubb, who happens to be a fitness trainer but not employed by LA Fitness, was working out at LA Fitness in Palm Harbor with her 13-year old son when her membership was revoked for training gym members, according to Fox News on Wednesday.

"He said the notes say you were training people here and we have trainers that customers pay for," she said.

Her son Mason says, "We were just working out and she came and she helped me with my form, and that's all."

Gym policies not allowing outside trainers are common, but the Florida mom maintains that she and her son were working out as a family, not as a trainer and client. “I think it’s pretty ridiculous that they would take her membership away,” Mason said. The perplexed Grubb laughed at what she agreed was an absurd situation saying, "It being my son and we're working out together. I just, it's insane, like it’s just, it’s insane."

Grubb said she had recently renewed her membership in full and hasn't gotten a refund. Fox News contacted LA Fitness' media relations team multiple times, they have yet to respond.

In recent months Planet Fitness has been criticized for kicking members out for not having their bodies covered up enough or for wearing a religious head scarf.

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