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Fitness Tips April 06, 2014

Disney run
Disney run
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Runners: Get Joints Ready

Use these exercise to get joints healthy

Many runners use yoga and lift weights. Flexibility is important however to prevent injuries range of motion is

important. How well the joints can move is what is needed.


Place left foot a few inches from the wall, with right foot behind. Point knee towards the wall follow with the right

foot behind. Do 5 reps and repeat 5 reps after switch with right leading, do 5 reps on each. The corner of the wall

arms on wall to push away.


Stand with legs about 2 to 3 feet apart. Drop left elbow to left knee for 5 reps. Do the same for the right side.


Turn away from wall. Get on all fours. Take left knee and touch wall with knee 5 reps. Do the right side 5 reps(

Caitlin Carlton, Runners magazine).

For more stretching for runners got to

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