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Fitness - the new recession chic

Lady in Red on the Tread courtesy Shelley Skoropinski
 has been removed - please see the great art on the
original site

Do you know what the truly chic folks talk about during a recession?

Fortunately for you, I'm here to help: they are talking about fitness.

What?  You thought you would ace a job interview by saying you've become addicted to Food Network? You really believe friends want to hear you whine about your Madoff losses, bemoan a vanished 401(k), worry about job loss, rising taxes and an unexpected plumbing bill?

Rodale Inc.- parent of Men's Health, Prevention, Women's Health etc - released  a study showing that in these in tough economic times, people  are turning to health and fitness  to relieve stress and to  stay focused, energized and optimistic. 

A whopping 84 percent  believe there is no better time to invest in their own health than now - and 79 percent agree that life's obstacles become more doable after exercising.

Publications from the Wall Street Journal to are writing about how important fitness has become during this downturn.  

So get off the couch, potato!  And the next time someone asks how you're spending time in the recession, just show them those newly sculpted pecs.  They'll believe you're ready to take on the world. 

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The artwork, Lady in Red on the Tread, is by Seattle-based artist Shelley Skoropinski who also offers work by commission.  Please contact me at FitnessSanJose [at] for contact information.


  • Jo 5 years ago

    Hi, nice to meet you. I love the artwork and I love that piece you have about Twitter. I might borrow it if it's ok. Jo NE Fitness Examiner.

  • Amy Rabinovitz 5 years ago

    Jo - I love Shelley's art too. And anything I have is yours to borrow, steal or improve upon.

  • ak 5 years ago

    recession or not> i guess investing in ur health should always be a priority