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Fitness strengths and goals for 2014

The writer daughter playing air hockey for fitness
The writer daughter playing air hockey for fitness
Lance Becvar

In the last article the writer talked about the ways a person can achieve their New Years fitness resolutions for 2014. The writer also referred to an article about which countries in the world have the highest life expectancy with US being rated number 21. Well today the writer came across another article that highlighted which states are the healthiest places to live, view the article below. The process used to determine which states are the healthiest was essentially based upon each nation’s strengths and weaknesses. Now the writer is aware that most of us know what are weaknesses are when it comes trying to be fit. Usually the weaknesses involve primarily around a person’s diet, most people enjoy eating fattening foods such as desserts and fast foods. But what the writer often fails to hear from people’s mouths is their strengths and abilities that could help them get fit. Everyone has some kind of physical talent or strength, whether a person is aware of them or not. It is sad to think that a person may go through their entire life not being aware of what competence they could bring to the fitness world or even to their families and friends. The writer would like to challenge everyone, including himself to find their physical strengths and or talents that could help them achieve their New Years Fitness resolutions. The process to try and determine what you the reader’s physical strengths are simple, isolate those routine activities that you may be doing throughout the day and see if you can turn that into a creative physical high energy activity.

For example if you the reader are good at organizing things, you are using the muscles in your hands, arms and shoulders. Now try creating an upper body activity, pretending your organizing imaginary objects. Here is another example, if you like to shop for clothes; you are using the muscles in your lower body, feet, legs, hips and your muscles in your upper body. Now try this creative activity, pretend you are shopping on Black Friday and you have to get to these imaginary stores and pick out those discounted clothes before anyone else gets to them. Here is one more activity that maybe a parent can use. It is safe to say that children are always misplacing things such as their gloves, shoes, socks, coats and so on. Pretend that you need to find an item for your child before the bus comes to pick up your son or daughter, so now you have to rush around the house to find that imaginary object quickly, just do this activity safely. The key here to find out what you are really good at and turn it into a physical activity, like my daughter is trying to do while playing air hockey. For more information please contact the writer through