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Fitness secrets revealed.

She got her body back
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There is no substitute for hard work. This is especially true when it comes your fitness. But what about that guy at the gym who seems to do nothing, yet is ripped? Or that celebrity, who gets her body back in no time?

Do they know something you don’t? If you’ve been working your tail off but have zero to show for it, don’t despair. Your hard work, combined with some Personal Trainer “tricks of the trade,” can get you where want to be.

Results, here we come.


Brandon Mentore- Precision nutrition certified practitioner

“One of the secrets I use on myself and only a few select clients that I have is the concept of carb loading at night. I tend to eat French fries, cookies, donuts and deserts centered on a workout to actually get leaner.

The reason why it’s a secret is because many of my clients and people in general won't believe or accept the fact that it's possible to get leaner and add muscle on these foods, there is a scientific basis for it and it does work.”

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Ainslie MacEachran- AAAI/ISMA certified personal trainer and a level 2 USA Cycling coach

“The best way to speed up results for my clients and for myself is to incorporate interval training into workouts. Short, high intensity, polarized interval training yields rapid results.

Start small, say 30 - 45sec. and allow for equal rest. Do 1 or 2 sets of 5 x 30-45 seconds intervals initially. So it might look something like this:

5-10min easy warm-up

5 x 30seconds hard effort on a cardio machine of your choice

(30-45 second rest between intervals.)

Remember that intervals should be polarized. (HARD is HARD! Easy is EASY!)”

Or if muscle is more your thing……………..


Lisa Reed- Fitness Expert, Certified Trainer & Strength Coach

“Pre-exhaust –The objective is to fatigue the muscle group you are targeting by single joint exercises before moving to compound movements for the same muscle.

For example, if you are doing a lower body workout, perform a few sets on leg extensions, leg curls and body weight squats before performing compound movements in your workout
(i.e.: squats and leg presses.)

By fatiguing the muscle, you can actually lift more and increase the weight.”

Austin Arnold - Certified Personal Trainer

“Research shows that prolonged eccentric (lowering the weight) actions lead to greater increases in muscle hypertrophy rather than prolonged concentric (lifting the weight) actions.

So whether I am doing a triceps extension, a squat, a curl, a bench press rep, etc., I like to emphasis the eccentric action and slow the descent of the weight against gravity a beat longer to increase my potential gain in muscle.”

With your continued commitment and the tips listed above, the results you deserve are within reach. Stay tuned for more fitness secrets.

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