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Fitness Rules the Brighter Side of Life

Photo Credit: CasaNuevoVida.Com
Photo Credit: CasaNuevoVida.Com
Photo Credit: CasaNuevoVida.Com

Living in sobriety is easy for people who have been at it for a long time. But for some friends and family members who got hooked on drugs, living without the substance seems otherwise. There is always an attraction to revert to the bad habit and apparently stronger than what the mind sanely dictates to these individuals.

This issue goes around in circles even after former addicts have been chemically-cleansed. The question is: how can reforming addicts go on through life without looking back and just think of moving forward? The answer is quite clear and that is to get additional help and motivation; as simple as using mind over matter.

The dilemma

It is certainly difficult to pass this stage which for many specialists is the most crucial phase in recovery. There are barriers that separate the thoughts of a substance user and that of a reforming addict. The former has more than 100% cravings and still raring to go at it while the latter would opt to sacrifice his last teeny-weeny cravings if just to get off the habit. This is the main reason why homes built to promote sober living have become popular not only in Los Angeles but in other parts of the country.

These locations are far more than what others perceive them to be. Everybody inside these homes are recipients of fresh, clean air; peaceful ambiance and guided by a staff who know how to lead them towards the brighter side of life. Living in transition could be daunting but with people around who have the expertise in dealing with every possible situation, things could just turn out better.

Diversion tactics

Among the amenities that these homes offer their guests are fitness centers, leisure and recreation, and an environment that can keep their thoughts away from situations other than the normal. Some of these locations urge their wards to learn crafts like gardening, painting, and even farming—depending on the type of shelter they have chosen and activities prepared for patients to get involved with.

Diversion is the name of the game and resident professionals are skillful enough in playing their roles. They understand the need to get their wards busy to make them forget the urge to deviate from the norms of society. Time is consumed to the fullest by teaching them to be productive and holistic individuals.

How physical activities can help:

  • Mental awareness – Routine exercises provide time out from stress, anxiety and anger. At the end of every routine, there’s this feeling of goodness brought about by releasing tension from the body. Perception towards life changes after fitness is incorporated in a person’s daily activities.

  • Physical wellness – As too much stress can lead to heart ailments and an imbalanced immune system, fitness routines done at regular intervals can eradicate looming health issues. While we exercise, we take in a good amount of oxygen that develops not only the body; the mind can benefit from it as well. The brain needs a certain amount of oxygen to make it run efficiently.

What fitness can do:

  • Fitness requires a person to be systematic and organized.

  • This is one of the best measures that can divert focus from boredom, which oftentimes, results to doing “something else”.

  • It reduces risk factors like that of cancer, weight problems and other possible ailments brought about by a physically inactive body and a stressed-out mind.

Long after your loved ones have gone out of a sober living home, you would find them engrossed in healthy habits, productive activities and living in a whole new world that they themselves have helped build. People would see them as new individuals who have finally outgrown the need for the substance.

Wouldn’t you take pride in knowing that you have become an instrument in changing their lives for the long term? Or wouldn’t you be proud that you, too, have overcome the fear that was once inside your heart and mind just in case your plans did not turn out in favor of a loved one? Now, who wouldn’t say that fitness rules in all of life’s aspects?

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