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Fitness revolution - work it out on paper

Food and fitness
Food and fitness
Bryan Thomas

More people of the world and the USA are gaining weight and losing health and shape more rapidly than ever before in history. Multiple industries and companies thrive off of our lack of health, so we can’t expect our leaders or society to help us regain our physical fitness and health. Ultimately, we are the ones who are responsible for our own personal health and for the condition of our nation and our world. Rebuilding our health begins with personal assessment. Once we have assessed our fitness facts, we can then develop a plan to implement a fitness revolution in our lives. Take the time to answer the questions in this article, and let the answers reveal to you what changes need to be made in your personal life – diet, exercise, work, sleep and time management. Then work to implement these changes into your daily life.

* How many hours each week do you spend in some type of cardio exercise?

* How many hours each week do you spend doing resistance workout training?

* How many hours a week do you work?

* How many hours of sleep do you average nightly?

* How many grams of protein do you consume daily?

* How much sugar do you consume daily?

* How many non-complex carbohydrates do you consume daily? Do you know that if you don’t burn them up by exercise or work, they actually turn to fat that is stored in your body?

* How often and how much do you eat after 7:00 PM

* Are you overweight? If so, by how many pounds?

* What percent of your body is fat? Get your local physical trainer to check.

* How many calories do you consume each day and how many calories do you burn or use each day? Excess calories daily add excess weight daily.

* Do you smoke? If so, how much and how often?

* How much alcohol do you drink weekly? / How many sodas do you drink weekly?

* Do you feel strong enough to fulfill your daily life and work responsibilities or would you like to gain more muscle strength?

* How strong are your abdominal muscles and core? If you suffer from back pain, it could be due to a weak core.

* If you see that your physical condition may be hindering your potential, what are you going to do to change your lifestyle beginning today? List all of the steps and how and when you will implement them.

Don’t wait another day to assess fitness behavior and begin your personal fitness revolution. Your life depends on it.


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