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Fitness revolution - fat or fitness, it's our choice

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Our external physical condition is often an indication of our internal character and the prevailing personal issues that plague the United States of America and the world. Over 66% of adults in the USA are overweight, and if Americans continue to gain weight at the current rate, fat will be the norm by 2015, with 75 percent of U.S. adults overweight and 41 percent obese. To reverse such tragic trends, we need to identify the causes and rectify the internal issues that have led us down this unhealthy path. It is obvious that our choice is simple – fat or fitness. The choice is ours and ours alone, and is actually a series of choices, from what we eat for breakfast to how much we eat for dinner, how much time we spend sitting in front of the television, how often we exercise each week, and a myriad of daily decisions that determine our physical destiny, or should I say, density.

Some may be offended by the bluntness of these comments, but someone needs to be sounding the alarm. The physical condition of America and the world is rapidly deteriorating and it’s time for us to individually and collectively decide to do something about it. No one wants to talk about it because it is not ‘politically correct’ and it makes people feel uncomfortable, but we must face reality before it’s too late. Fat is fatal and is also an indication of some internal character traits that have overtaken us individually and are destroying us sociologically and economically. These character traits are also fatal, not only physically, but economically; not only regionally, but globally. It’s time for a fitness revolution that begins with our physical condition and impacts every area of our lives, and transforms our worlds.

Our national lack of physical fitness is caused by a deficiency of personal discipline; an obsession with comfort, entertainment, and immediate gratification; a mindset of entitlement that wants what it wants 24/7; and an aversion to anything that makes us work up a sweat or sacrifice ourselves today for something beneficial in the future. These same character traits are also responsible for our lack of financial fitness, fiscal responsibility, and political accountability. If we begin to learn and exercise discipline and responsibility in our physical lives, it will be easier to apply these same virtues to all of the other areas of our lives.

Sociologically and economically, it seems like our entire world is built upon the business of ‘unfitness’. The foods that are manufactured are often filled with unnatural ingredients that actually promote the production of fat in our bodies. Our study and work schedules are filled to the brim so that we only have time for ‘fast foods’ that continue the development of fat and unhealthiness in our lives. The media is constantly bombarding us with images that entice us to eat and drink more. The pharmaceutical companies thrive off of our unhealthiness, which promotes their research, marketing and sales to promote the longevity of our painfully unhealthy lives. Finally, the long-term care industry continues to develop to take care of the older generation that can barely walk or carry on the physical activities of normal life. It appears that from the cradle to the grave there is a continual life conspiracy against us. It’s time that we rose up and changed our lifestyle. If enough of us decide to do this, we can change our lives and can change our world.

The fitness revolution presents us all with the challenge of taking care of our bodies and our health. We need to tear ourselves away from the TV, computer and dining room table a few hours each week to add years onto our lives. We need to drop the death wish and pick up some weights. We need to stop walking back to the fridge and go out to run a few miles. Rather than sitting alone in our rooms, we could join a community doing Yoga, Pilates, or Zumba. We need to start taking care of the one body that we have been given for life. Many of us take better care of our cars, houses and yards than we do our lives. The truth is that we must live the rest of our lives in the bodies that we have until they give out on us. This reality ought to change our mindset and our life habits before it’s too late to reverse the damage done.