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Fitness revolution and our fatal attraction

Fatal food attraction
Fatal food attraction
Bryan Thomas

As we take time to examine the unhealthy choices in the lives of people on our planet, we begin to understand that we need a fitness revolution in our nation and in all the nations of the world. We also realize that this revolution must begin with each of us as individuals. The abundance of processed and unhealthy food and our fatal attraction to it, along with our lack of exercise, is rapidly and irreversibly destroying our bodies inside and out. Before we look at the cure and at ways to build this revolution into our lives, we’ll take one more look at the depth and breadth of this crisis and the cultural and commercial causes.

The deterioration of physical health is global, and according to reports from the World Health Organization the top ten fattest nations on our planet are:

(1) American Samoa, 93.5% (of the population that is overweight)

(2) Kiribati, 81.5%

(3) U.S.A., 66.7%

(4) Germany, 66.5%

(5) Egypt, 66%

(6) Bosnia-Herzegovina, 62.9%

(7) New Zealand, 62.7%

(8) Israel, 61.9%

(9) Croatia, 61.4%

(10) United Kingdom, 61%

Coronary heart disease, cancer, and stroke are the leading causes of death in the USA and the rest of the world. Statistics for 2006 revealed that more than 81 million people suffered from some form of cardiovascular disease (CVD). The direct causes of CVD are high blood pressure; arteriosclerosis; high blood cholesterol level; diabetes; high level of the amino acid in the blood; and high content of low density lipoprotein (LDL) combined with low content of high density lipoprotein (HDL) in the blood. Lipoprotein is a combination of protein and fatty substances bound together. Many of these conditions are the result of unhealthy lifestyle factors, such as: consumption of high levels of fat, cholesterol and sugar in our diets; stress at work and in our daily lives; smoking; excessive use of alcohol; obesity; and lack of physical exercise. It is therefore obvious that lifestyle adjustments must be the main solution for preventing heart failure.

If we are ever going to reverse the increase of obesity, we will need to change our eating habits. The leading fatal attractions that must be eliminated or minimized in our diet are processed foods with high fructose corn syrup; doughnuts; soda; potato chips and French fries; cakes and other baked goods; white bread and flour; sugar; fast foods and fried foods; foods with hydrogenated oil, trans fat and saturated fat; hot dogs and luncheon meets; and canned soup. It’s difficult to change our grocery shopping, cooking, and eating habits. It will also take much discipline to make time for consistent physical exercise, but the longer that we wait to make these changes, the more difficult it will be to change and the more life we will lose. It’s time to take action against our fatal attraction. The time for our personal fitness revolution is now.


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