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Fitness resolutions aren't always about the numbers

The muscle up

When most people set fitness goals, they tend to think in terms of numbers. Lose twenty pounds; run a mile in under six minutes; bench press two hundred pounds. But when Wayne Riddle made his goals for the New Year, he made them based on a different set of criteria:

“I wanted to stay away from non-specific goals such as ‘improve my Fran time’. Okay, how would I improve my Fran time? Knowing how to do kipping pull-ups would be a big plus, thus there is my goal. If my goal was to lose weight I would do the same thing. How would I lose weight? Adjust my diet to X, fitness routine to Y, etc.”

Wayne boiled his goals down to developing three specific skills. The first is the double-under, a jump rope exercise where the rope passes underneath you twice before your feet come down. The second is to develop his kipping pull-ups, a pull-up variation popular in Crossfit workouts. His third goal is to perform his first ring muscle up.

Wayne’s plans for accomplishing these goals are pretty straightforward: first, he’s educating himself on the skills his trying to develop. Videos and articles from Crossfit and YouTube are his main go-to for information. On top of that he’s practicing as much as he can. With coaching if it’s available, without if he’s on his own.

There are a few good lessons to take from Wayne’s process.

1. Fitness isn’t always about the numbers.

2. The more specifically you define your goals, the easier it will be to overcome them. Wayne has his goals narrowed down to a few physical skills that he’s working on. By doing that, he’s enabling himself to create a plan that will allow him to practice those skills on a regular basis. A good plan is the root of success for almost any athletic endeavor.

3. Lack of information is no excuse at all. We live in an age where volumes of quality information are available in the form of articles, videos, web forums, and more. If you don’t know what to do to accomplish your goals, you aren’t looking hard enough.

So start planning, and get training!

Interested in Crossfit?: Boston is home to a few Crossfit Affiliates. 


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