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Fitness motivation tips for the new year


                     (AP Photo/Mary Schwalm)

Practically everyone makes a resolution to get in shape for the new year.  While many will fall back into old habits within a few weeks, those who participate in sports tend to stick with their resolutions.  Here are some fitness motivation tips and recreational sports opportunities to help you keep your resolutions.

1.  Over the holidays, take time to exercise at least 30 minutes a day, especially during more stressful times.  Exercise improves your mood and prevents weight gain.

2.  Decide on your main reason for improving your level of fitness.  Men generally want to build their physiques, while women exercise to improve their health.  Motivate yourself by setting goals related to your reason and measure your progress.

3.  Anticipate your barriers by looking at your past patterns.  Plan on ways to avoid the pitfalls that have previously prevented you from getting fit and staying in shape.

4.  Participate regularly in a sport you enjoy.  Sports participation taps your competitive side and inspires you to achieve sport-related goals that will also help improve fitness.  

Knoxville offers many recreational opportunities.  Seniors 50 and over can also participate in a variety of competitive sports through the Tennessee Senior Olympics.  It's not too early to get ready for the Dragonboat races.  You'll find lots of great running places to get in shape in Knoxville, too.

Best wishes for a safe, fit, and healthy New Year!!

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